To assist you with using Your City we have compiled a list of FAQ's. To help you through any possible questions you may have. If you cannot find the answer to your question please contact us here
1. How do you become a member of Your City?  

To become a member of Your City you simply need to select the city in which your business is located and on the top menu click on the "join free" button. This will take you into the free membership form. Once you have become a free member you will then be asked by email to upgrade your package. Your membership request will need to be approved by the site administrator prior to it being displayed. This may take a few hours.


2. What is the cost of the standard membership package?  

The cost for a standard member varies from city to city. To obtain an accurate price for your city please contact us here and a sales representative from your city will contact you with pricing.


3. Do the Gallery, Events Calendar and Vouchers cost extra?  

At this point in time we are including these features in the price of the standard membership. We know this is of great value to members and is what makes Your City more attractive than any other directory or online marketing service.


4. Can anybody add an event to the calendar?  

To add an event to the calendar you need to be a standard member. Once you are a standard member you can use the events feature as many times as you like.


5. How do I select categories to cross sell my business within my city?  

The marketing carousel is available to all standard members. You will need to log in to your members area with your allocated email address and password.
Once you login then select the marketing carousel. This will open up a list of all the categories available in your city. Beside each category it will indicate how many businesses are listed in each . To include that category in your selection you need to check the box. Once you have selected the maximum amount of categories allowed at one time you will not be allowed to select anymore without deselecting one that is already checked. Each category that you have selected will keep a count on the amount of exposure it has generated for you. This way you can then maximise your exposure and monitor what categories are working for your business.


6. My city is not available yet. How long will it take to get on line?

Obviously there are a large number of cities to cover with the directory. Our aim is to open the cities with the greatest demand first. So please tell your business collegues about us and to register their interest with us. Although your city may not be visible yet we are still taking your listings and placing them into the database. Once we receive enough listings to justify the city we will launch it. Thanks for your interest.


7. How do I get my business listed as a featured business in the categories?  

All standard members are on a rotation and are displayed as a featured business within their main and sub category at random.


8. Why is the list not in alphabetical order in the categories?  

All listings wether they are free or standard are displayed in random order. This keeps the site looking fresh and allows all members of the directory to have an opportunity to be listed at the top. Standard members are diplayed as a priority listing in random order above the free listings. They are also randomly displayed in the featured business section in the categories.


9. What sort of marketing do you do on behalf of your members?  

Your City Directory is committed to marketing for its members in each city. We have many different marketing methods and agreements in place. Obviously these vary within each city as new and different opportunities arise in each location.
It is our job to source contacts and establish professional relationships with products, services and organisations that will jointly benefit from Your City. In addition to this we also have window stickers, bumper stickers and other marketing materials available to our members. As a standard member of Your City it is asked of you to display your membership by way of a window sticker and at your point of sale. For members that have websites we ask that they provide a link or search box on their site. To acquire one of these or to view our marketing materials available to all members please click here.


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