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Storedata Remote Backup

Storedata is a leading vendor of online backup solutions for the protection against data loss on Servers, PC's and laptops. Storedata software provides automated, efficient and secure online backup, reducing the risk of data loss to almost zero. While the user is at work, all important data is automatically backed up, every day.  
DESKTOP AND LAPTOP PLATFORMS - Storedata supports Windows XP, Vista and Mac OS-X.  
SERVER - SQL and Exchange  
BACKGROUND PROCESS - Storedata uses Volume Shadow Copy and makes backups in the background, without interfering with the employee’s daily work. Even files that are in use (e.g. email files) are backed up.  
SECURITY - Storedata encrypts all data with a private key using AES 128/256 bits technology before it uploads data using a certified SSL connection.  
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